Rupen Das

Rupen 2017Rupen Das is the Executive Director of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) and serves on United Bible Societies’ (UBS) Global Council and the Executive Board. He Chairs the Church Relations Committee. He is also Research Professor at Tyndale University (and Seminary) in Toronto, on the Editorial Committee of Tyndale Academic Press, and on the board of the Canadian National Christian Foundation.

Previously he had been on secondment from the Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) to the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and to the International Baptist Theological Study Centre (IBTSC) in Amsterdam. Prior to their assignment in Amsterdam, also on secondment from CBM, he had been the Program Director for the Master of Religion (MRel) in Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the Institute for Middle East Studies of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon and the director of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development’s (LSESD) Community Development and Relief programs, now known as Merath. He set up LSESD’s humanitarian response to the Syrian refugees.

Rupen was professor and Program Coordinator of International Project Management, the award winning postgraduate program at Humber College in Toronto.  He has extensive experience in humanitarian assistance, community development, and managing in turbulent contexts, having been the Director for Emergency Response and Disaster Mitigation at World Vision Canada.  Prior to that he was WV’s Field Director for the South Pacific (which included PNG, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. Closed the work in Fiji and Tonga) based in Papua New Guinea, and Project Manager in Russia (a USAID project) and in Belarus (Chernobyl project).  He has been involved in WV Canada’s emergency responses in Kosovo, India, Afghanistan, and Iraq, among others.  He was part of the Canadian team that did the pre-war assessment of the potential impact of war on the civilian population of Iraq in 2003. Early in his career he had been the Dean at Kodaikanal International School in India and had been involved with the Navigators in North America and Asia (with insider movements before the term was coined).

As a consultant he has worked on projects for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA – now known as Global Affairs Canada), the Canadian CIMIC and DART, Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Plan Canada, Focus Humanitarian (part of the Aga Khan Network), World Vision International, International Development Support Services (IDSS Australia), among others. He was adjunct faculty at Eastern University in the US. On behalf of the Canadian Baptist Ministries, he has trained and mentored national staff in Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan, Angola, and India. As an analyst he contributed to Oxford Analytica on humanitarian issuesDecember2017-3

His undergraduate and graduate degrees are both from Syracuse University in the US, and doctoral degree (DMin) from Acadia Divinity College, Acadia University, Canada. He attended the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition he holds certificates in Disaster Management from the University of Wisconsin, in Refugee Studies from York University, and in Evaluating and Managing Evaluations of Humanitarian Action from ALNAP, UK.   He’s lived in 11 countries since childhood. Rupen has twice been a 21st Century Fellow in the UK, an Ashoka Fellow (1986, page 77) and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University with Howard Gardner, the developer of the theory of multiple intelligences. He was also the recipient of a sports science fellowship (in the area of sports psychology) awarded by the Government of India. His clients included Rahul Dravid (cricket) and Ashwini Nachappa (athletics). During his tenure, the International Project Management program at Humber College won three national awards as the top college program in Canada and the top international program among the colleges and universities in Canada.

Rupen is an ordained minister.

Some of Rupen’s publications include:


God that the Poor Seek: Conversion, Context and the World of the Vulnerable, Leicester: Langham Global Library, (due to be published by the end of 2021)

The Poor and Poverty in the Religions, (co-authored and co-edited with Dr. William Brackney), Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger (ABC-CLIO), 2018.

The Poor and Poverty in Islam: Compassion and Social JusticeRiga: Scholars’ Press, 2018

Strangers in the Kingdom: Refugees, Migrants and the Stateless, (co-authored with Brent Hamoud) Leicester: Langham Global Library, 2017. Foreword by Anthony Peck

Compassion and the Mission of God: Revealing the Invisible Kingdom, Leicester: Langham Global Library, 2016. Foreword by Dr. Gary Nelson.

Connecting Curriculum and Context: Handbook for Context Relevant Curriculum Development in Theological Education, Leicester: Langham Global Library and ICETE, 2015. Foreword by Dr. Riad Kassis.

Church and Poverty: The Church’s Witness to the Kingdom of God (Arabic), Beirut: Dar Manhal al Hayat, 2015.

Profiles of Poverty: The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon, (co-authored with Julie Davidson) Beirut: Dar Manhal al Hayat, 2011.

Chapters in Books

Preface, Hope in the Heart of a Beirut Slum: Living Stories between Shadow and Light, Le Horpes, France: Tahaddi France, 2021. 3-9.

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Journal and Periodical Articles

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